patience is a virtue
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Who's Ivo?

Ivo is a self-taught designer, musician and videographer born in Lanzarote 24 years ago.

He speaks 🇪🇸, 🇬🇧, some 🇮🇹 and is currently learning 🇩🇪

He co-founded Gamify and co-created LevelUp!

He's also a proud member (and mentor) in Tetuan Valley and a permanent resident at the Google for Startups Campus in Madrid.

Ivo is now learning to use Dialogflow because for him it's obvious that the future of design are conversational interfaces.

He's also learning to play metal songs on the guitar because it's so much fun.

He believes that writing about one's self in 3rd person is super weird, but looks way more professional.

About this website

I've built this site using the coding skills sensei Carlos Hernández (@CodingCarlos) taught me.

I've also used some MDL components and ideas from Daniel, Asuka, Medium and Apple.

If you have some feedback, drop me a line!