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Who's Ivo?

ivo is a self-taught designer and videographer.

Born in Lanzarote 23 years ago, speaks 🇪🇸, 🇬🇧, some 🇮🇹 and is currently learning 🇩🇪


UI design, logo design, branding, video editing, shooting, directing and he's now learning some HTML and CSS.

Proficient with the Adobe Suite, Sketch and Final Cut Pro X.

Something cool to tell?

He co-founded Gamify and co-created LevelUp!

He's been a design mentor with Tetuan Valley and Campus.

He also feels stupid writing about himself on 3rd person, but he truly believes that this looks more professional.

Is he a good match for your team?

Here's a data driven approach:

As you can see, he's very open and honest, but does not excel on emotions; his attitude towars arguments is always to find the best possible solution.

Also, he's a great analyst, dedicated and a persuasive comunicator.

He's good defending ideas, but also flexible enough to listen and change perspective. He's used to work under pressure and his motto is "better done than perfect".

Ivo loves working on small teams, familiar ambients.

About this website

I've built this site using the coding skills sensei @CodingCarlos taught me.

I've used some MDL components and ideas from Daniel, Asuka, Medium and Apple.

If you have some feedback, drop me a line!