patience is a virtue
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Who's Ivo?

ivo is a self-taught designer and videographer.
Born in Lanzarote 23 years ago, speaks 🇪🇸, 🇬🇧, some 🇮🇹 and is currently learning 🇩🇪

He co-founded Gamify and co-created LevelUp!
He's been a design mentor with Tetuan Valley and Campus.

Wanna dig deeper?


UI/UX design, logo design, branding, video editing, shooting, directing and he's now learning some HTML and CSS.

About this website

I've built this site using the coding skills sensei @CodingCarlos taught me.
I've also used some MDL components and ideas from Daniel, Asuka, Medium and Apple.

If you have some feedback, drop me a line!